The Sea Areas

as listed in the weather report for shipping on BBC Radio4

Here's a nice but big (162K) map
I scanned it from the Radio Times, they managed to forget Bailey so I had to edit it in, which is why the lines and font are a bit dodgy there.
Here's one from the Met Office, a lot smaller but not as pretty, but it DOES have Trafalgar on it, and it makes the Lat and Longs more obvious.

South East Iceland: 64N18W..65N14W..63N7W..62N11W (roughly)
Faeroes: 63N7W..62N3W..59N7W..62N11W (roughly)
Fair Isle: 62N3W..61N00..58N00..58N5W..59N7W (roughly)
The above 3 form a diagonal band from the coast of Iceland down to the Greenwich Meridian at the Shetlands on the northern edge, and the Scottish coast on the southern edge. Fair Isle is 5 sided to get back into the normal squarish grid.
Bailey: Between 10W and 15W from South East Iceland down to about 58N
Rockall: Between 10W and 15W from Bailey (58N) down to 53N
Shannon: Between 10W and 15W, from Rockall down to 50N, and including the bits off the Irish coast.
Hebrides: The bit between Faeroes and Fair Isle, the Scottish coast, 10W, and 57N
Malin: Below Hebrides, between Rockall and the coasts, down to the narrowest point between England and Ireland
Irish Sea: The Irish Sea from Malin down to the narrowest point between Wales and Ireland
Lundy: Bounded by the south Welsh and north Cornish coasts, out to about 6.5W
Fastnet: Between Lundy and Shannon, with the south Irish coast above and 50N below
Sole: 6.5W..15W and 50N..48.27N, below Shannon and Fastnet
Finisterre, now renamed Fitzroy: Below Sole
Biscay: From Finisterre to the French coast
Plymouth: The mouth of the Channel to about 8W, Biscay below, Sole to the left
Portland: Up the channel from Plymouth to about 2W
Wight: From Portland to a line from about 50N2E(France) to 51N1E(England)
Dover: From Wight to a line matching the latitude 51N, near enough
Thames: Moving out towards the North Sea, as far as about 52.5N
Humber: Up to 54N, but loses a degree of its eastern extent halfway up
Tyne: A tiny bit about a degree wide along the coast from Humber up to about 56N
Dogger: Tyne to the left, Humber below, 4E at the right, up to about 56N
German Bight: From Humber and Dogger on the left to the continental coast
Forties: Directly above Dogger, ie about 56N..58.5N and 1W..4E
Forth: Between Forties and the Scottish coast, stopping at 57N
Cromarty: Between Forties and the Scottish coast, from Forth up to 58.5N or so, where it meets Fair Isle
Viking: Above Forties with Fair Isle to the west
Fisher: East of Forties and north of German Bight, but only as far as about 57.5N
North Utsire, South Utsire: The last bit between Viking and Forties and the Scandinavian coast

I appear to have listed them in the reverse order to that used by the weather forecasters. Never mind!