Books on the football pools

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Football Pools and How to Win             George, Prof Frank     9.95
9999999988                                Frank George           64pgs(A4)
Not in 'Books in Print', only known stockist: Oldcastle Books of Harpenden Appallingly written. Interesting stats with possibly dubious conclusions. Says best indicators are: league table position; very recent form; scoring record. Section on arranging selections into multiple perms almost totally unreadable. So not really recommended except for diehard enthusiasts

Bread and Butter Pools                    Jones, Dennis          4.95
1856310078                                Rosters                90pages
Collection of block perms for the minor pools. Fudges his guarantees. Nothing you couldn't do yourself. Not worth the money.

Guide to Winning the Pools                Jones, Dennis          4.95
0948032499                                Rosters                126pages
Slags off plans but his perms have worse guarantees! Overexcited by simple statistical bunching effect. Poor maths or obfuscation? Do not bother.

Poolsbuster: Guide to Winning a Fortune   Osborn, Philip         1.95
0850792185                                Daily Express          96pages
Some history. Good advice on all topics. Plan collection has some good ones. Worth a couple of quid.

Perms that Win the Pools                  Roberts, Gwilym        2.75
0900611812                                ST Raceform            56pages
Haven't got this yet.

Betting Systems that Win: Football Pools  Statistician           3.99
0572016948                                Foulsham               128pages 
Some useful forecasting tips. Low line-count treble chance perms, perms for minor pools, and perms for fixed-odds. 3.99? maybe.

How to Win the Pools by Really Trying     Stone, G.B.            1.50
0907621112                                Quiller                72pages 
Haven't got this one yet.

Success on the Pools                      Carrley, Simon         4.99
0907595707                                Casdec ltd             156pages
Frequency tables over 22 seasons. No analysis of variance, no chi-square. Some obvious forecasting ideas, typical block perms, average perm advice. If you like numerology as opposed to real statistics, OK.

Planning a Pools Win                      Perman                 5.00
----------                                Perman                 96pages
More block perms than you'll ever have time to use. Excellent for perm freaks. Some useful forecasting tips. Don't use it much but glad I've got it. Is this the same guy as Chiron on teletext?

How to Win the Pools                      Skinner, Gerry         2.99
issn09628959/01                           Sun/Invincible          
Collection of Sun newspaper plans. Some gems. I use this regularly.

-------pools plus other-------

The Punter's Revenge                      Drapkin & Forsyth      12.95
0412277700                                Chapman & Hall         262pages
Using computers in gambling, horses and pools. Excellent.

Betting for Fun and Profit                Hill, Tony             4.99
0950826650                                Hartley publications   108pages
A short section on soccer with nothing useful to say.

Betting to Win                            Johnson & Osmond       5.95
0948032790                                Rosters                189pages
The small section on the pools details the appallingly low % payout.