How I joined Densa and found true happiness

(note: this is about UK Densa and has no connection with any US organisation bearing that name)

Densa got mentioned somewhere on the net, probably, and it was suggested that the whole thing was a joke and that there was no such organisation.
I vaguely recalled having seen an ad for it, and my office-partner affirmed that the UK satirical magazine Private Eye had, at least once, carried such an ad. I asked him if he could find it, and after searching through nearly a year's worth of PEs he did.
The address was given, and I sent off a stamped self-addressed envelope. I began to think it had been just a joke, but after about 4 weeks I got the following flyer through the post:

DENSA     16 Connaught Street  London W2 2AF      {that's in the UK btw}
Dear Dave,
Densa people don't know what they're doing. Wrong! Densafolk know exactly what they're doing. It's the other people who don't know what we're doing, so they think we're stupid, just because we refuse to believe everything we're told by so-called 'experts' on TV, radio and in the newspapers. How on earth do they 'know' better than the rest of us? Who appoints them to tell the rest of us what to do? Densafolk have had enough of it and are now coming forward to be counted. Someone has to make a stand against all this 'expertise' in politics, education, etc.

So come and join us. Life membership of Densa, for which you receive your Certificate of Densanity, badge, membership card, Densawallet in quakeproof Densarette, plus the unique Densil (the unleaded pencil) costs five pounds plus 1 pound fifty pence post & packing. You can order the wonderful Densa T-shirt for eight pounds plus 1 pound fifty pence (p&p) or you can get everything for twelve pounds fifty pence plus one fifty (p&p).

It is your duty to join today to restore some common sense to this country.
Regards from R.McGedden

At this point I thought to myself: some fun stuff and a fun Tshirt. Just got my Grade3, I can afford it, even if it's a ripoff and I never see my money again.
So I sent off the said allow 10-15 days on the form.....
5 weeks later I was convinced it was all just a joke, as they hadn't even cashed the cheque. But eventually, with a note apologising for the delay, it arrived:

Certificate of Densanity
37.5x26 centimetres (or 15.5x10 inches to you). NB non-standard frame size!
Nice gothic script, reads:

This is to Certify
<name written in in rounded script in red>
The above named, of whose I.Q. no account has been, or will be taken, and who has demonstrated a lifelong disregard for contemporary views on intelligence, has indicated to the Board of Densa outstanding eligibility for membership by his/her possession of a brain totally devoid of cerebral activity.
Witness hereof: R.McGedden
<and signed and dated {September '92 Year 2:Anno Densae} by him>
<and a copyright notice>

A 1 inch diameter button badge with a line drawing of a cartoony type face in the centre (not much hair, sticky-out ears, surprised/perplexed crossed eyes, mouth in a pursed "oo-er" position), DENSA at the top in rounded cartoony type characters, and at the bottom the slogan "You know it makes sence" - yes, sence not sense.

Membership card
Slightly larger than a credit card, the Densa cartoony style logo in orange printed sideways at one end, a space for the name, and the following text in a rather attractive script:

Possession of this card exempts the holder from any consequences or penalties arising from or caused by any act of stupidity or negligence on the part of the cardholder.
In other words, the cardholder is not responsible for any of his/her own actions.
Densacard is recognised in several places.

Densarette turns out to be a new word for plastic, it's just a simple 4 pocket credit/id card holder.

Looks like a pencil, feels like a pencil, smells like a pencil, even tastes like a pencil....but it's unleaded. It doesn't write - the 'lead' is just some black paint. It has the words

 The Densil    Unleaded Pencil   from Densa 
on it, and also the name of the owner and date of joining.

Well made white 100% cotton Tshirt printed with:

DENSA (in red in those cartoony rounded letters about 2.5 inches high)
YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENCE (in black about 0.5 inches high)
Founder Member (black, caps 0.625inch, Times Roman font??)
Cartoon face, 3.75inch, diff to one on badge, more hair, diff shaped ears showing more detail, eyes looking to left, wild grin.
MY I.Q. IS ALMOST 100% (Elite font?? slightly italicised, 0.625inch high except I.Q. and 100% which are bigger)
and very small:

  I'm a dumdoo salesperson
        I seldom do


So there you have it: how I joined Densa and found true happiness (aka a nice Tshirt and some nutty bits'n'pieces)
And it wasn't till somebody said "what's his name" and I said it out loud that I realised R.McGedden is a soundex match for Armageddon
It was at that point I knew I REALLY qualified for membership!

If anybody else feels like buying the Tshirt etc, the address is above, and the prices. Outside UK, probably best to write checking prices first.

Next Mensa meeting I go to (could be a while, I've only been to one in about the last 10 years), I'm going to wear that Tshirt and see if they beat me up.....
More likely they'll all rush out and buy one.