This is my dad as he looked in the war. He never talked about the war, which may mean it was pretty nasty: he served with the Chindits behind the Japanese lines. He died in January of '95 with chronic airway obstructive disease which can be put down to smoking though he'd given up about 15 years earlier. Mind you the malaria etc he picked up in Burma didn't do him a lot of good, he was never particularly healthy. He was a nice bloke, but VERY quiet. He rarely spoke unless spoken to first. He did the football pools all his life but never got rich, and though he played a lot of poker in the army, I had to learn the game on my own. He hardly ever drank. What he really liked was a couple of hours gardening followed by an evening with the TV or a book. Not much wrong with that. Here's a link to a 35K photo of him when he was about 68