Top Ten Beers

These are only the ones I can remember offhand - testing damages the memory!
Actually I think I'd better go and do a lot more tasting to make sure these really are the top ten
You'll also notice these are mostly bottled beers: I prefer to drink at home where I have access to all the toys (CD, TV, etc) and snacks I like.
These are in no particular order I grew up in a Courage's brewery area - bad news in those days
You'll notice there are no lagers in this list....there's a nice dark lager called Staropramen in some of the supermarkets now.
David J Roberts sent me a couple of pics of some beer he likes: Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Fuller's 1845
Here's a couple of pics of some bottles I've drunk recently - I think I need to scan them at higher resolution though, and the pics aren't actually that good:
4 browns and a mild
Pack of 6
See also the web page for the Society Of Brown Ale Revivalists